A Fitness Journey – Kelly

I’ve always been an active person – from field hockey and lacrosse to running half marathons and a full marathon (very slowly). I’ve always been thankful for a body that allowed me to do these things but never actually “loved” it. I probably ran one too many miles or spent a couple of extra minutes on the treadmill not because I was worried about becoming stronger, but because I wanted to be thinner. My solution was to keep running and to throw in some ab exercises.

Pregnancy and birth have a way of changing how you look at life and yourself. At three months postpartum I kicked my scale under my dresser and joined a CrossFit gym. I love the community and working out with my family but mostly I love that I don’t look for a number on a scale for validation anymore. I know my body is capable of great things, I just needed to learn that fitness is a way to take care of myself, not punish it. At almost nine months postpartum, I’m stronger than I ever was before and learning (slowly) to love myself, flaws and all. Fitness is a lifelong journey, so get movin’!

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