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We asked members to write about their journey through fitness. Where they came from, what sports they played (if any), what workout routines they did. We know people come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences and want to show that people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can do CrossFit. Here’s one of them.
Gpop. A fitness journey
I fell in love with fitness before most of you were born…but let’s start from the beginning.
Imagine being a 14-year-old kid in gym class who couldn’t bench the bar… it definitely did not score me any points in the lady’s department… or help my already nerdy status of being in the band. However, this failure as a 14-year-old would set me up for a fitness journey that has lasted for 42 years.
I had to make a change and It started with a gym membership and a mentor that would inspire me to serve my country and develop a love for the sport of fitness. Since, I was not an athlete in high school sports, I relied on lifting weights to seek my adrenaline rush. I learned through lifting weights that it was more than just looking like Arnold, but rather learning how to challenge yourself and overcoming obstacles that would help you in everyday life. In doing so, this made me physically strong, but more importantly mentally strong. In high school I was able to overcome many setbacks by utilizing what lifting had taught me and also to motivate me into joining the Marine Corps.
I’d like to say that I found Crossfit, but I think two brunettes had a little help in that. Crossfit by definition is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, but until you try it you realize how functional those movements really are, but more importantly how high of an intensity it really is. I am 56 years old and although I recognize the importance of tricep kickbacks (it is how I got my wife), I am truly in the best shape of my life due to Crossfit. However, minus the physical and health benefits of Crossfit, it is the community that is established that keeps me coming back for more.
The saying may be Ohana means family but I believe Kanna is a better substitution. The community atmosphere at Kanna is unlike any other, and I believe that stems directly from the Coach. I love leaving the gym with sweat on my back, callouses on my palms, but more importantly a smile on my face. That smile is due to each and every person who decided to better themselves and others and walk through those doors each and every day. Crossfit has changed me for the better, but Kanna has provided me a home.

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