An Updated Fitness Journey – Deb

I started CrossFit what seems like an eternity ago in Feb 2010. I had just turned 35 and was looking for a new challenge. I was immediately hooked. Most of the movements I had never done before. I was constantly learning and getting new PRs so it was a lot of fun. But then came the injuries because I didn’t train smartly…I thought doing MORE was going to get me better.

I had a stress fracture in Dec 2010 on my left foot, then proceeded to break my right foot in January of 2011 because I could not stay away from working out. The break wouldn’t heal so I was forced to stay away until the spring of 2011. Then in Jan 2013 I broke my wrist. And in Dec 2014 I had shoulder surgery. After the surgery, I decided I wasn’t going to continue with CrossFit as I felt I wouldn’t be able to compete at a high enough level.

Fast forward to now. In Spring 2017, CrossFit Kanna opened. It is literally around the corner from my house and I couldn’t resist checking it out as I knew Chris from a previous box. I went to his outdoor park workouts (prior to his official opening) with my family and he was very welcoming, encouraging and was building a great community. I was immediately re-hooked. Since getting back fully into the swing of CrossFit I have gotten a bit wiser with the help of the great Kanna coaching staff. Things I have learned as I have gotten older:

  • More is NOT better. Your body actually does need to recover!
  • You do NOT have to do a metcon everyday. Occasionally, just doing a heavy lifting day is OK.
  • Take a day or two off a week.
  • It’s OK to fail, just keep on trying. It will eventually click.
  • There will be ups and there will be downs in the process. Actually, there will be more downs, but that makes the ups extra special!
  • Everyday cannot be an “on” day. Some days you just can’t be a rockstar.
  • Everyone is on their own path to success. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your path will not follow their path. Your body may never look like their body. You may never lift what they lift. But cherish your own small victories.

I personally never thought I would hit new PRs again but in 2018 I hit several lifetime PRs by training smarter and wiser:

  • snatched 115#
  • overhead squat 150#
  • HSPU to the floor
Looking forward to see what PRs I can set in 2019.

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