CrossFit Kanna’s November Member of the Month: Matt C.

Matt had found us on the interwebs before we even opened and had already been thinking about CrossFit for months. He finally dove in with his first workout during our “Manion” fundraiser which consisted of a good amount of running and a LOT of squats. Even though that might have scared others away, Matt kept at it and consistently showed up to class. After a few months, it was obvious that he was gaining muscle and losing body fat which made his lifting better and bodyweight movements easier. Over the past year he has put himself out there and entered two local CrossFit competitions (one of which he placed second!) Matt is a genuine, down-to-earth guy who manages to balance family, work, and workout life and it’s our privilege to announce him as our November Member of the Month!

Matt Curtis

Staff Accountant

When did you start CF?
4/29/17 – Manion WOD

What are your favorite numbers and why?
19 – Connor’s Birthday / 22 – Anniversary / 5 – old sports number

What CF movements do you like?
Deadlift/Squat/Clean/Box Jump

What CF movements do you dislike?
Sit Ups/Running/Biking

What sports or fitness things did you do before CF?
Very inconsistent Globo Gym workouts

How did you find CF? What was your first workout?
I googled CrossFits near Ambler and Kanna came up as a new gym opening. My first workout was an outdoor Manion WOD.

What’s your favorite thing about CF?
My favorite thing about Kanna is the community/coaches. It makes coming to the gym easy regardless of what the workout is. I know someone will be there pushing me through it

What are your hobbies?
Spending time with my family, Crossfit, brewing beer, and playing video games

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I have not one, not two — but three dogs (wife’s idea)

What PRs or accomplishments are you most proud of? 
Getting my first muscle up and placing 2nd at my first beginners CrossFit competition.

What’s on your CF bucket list?
400lb Deadlift, Ring Muscle Ups, Kipping Pull-ups, and doing the Manion WOD Rx

What’s on your general bucket list?
Travel more with Kelly and Connor

What advice do you have for new (or experienced!) CrossFitters?
Be consistent and have fun!

Anything else you’d like to mention?
I can’t stress how awesome the Kanna community is. I had stalked different Crossfit gyms but was always afraid to make the jump and join because I didn’t want to be the “new guy” who didn’t know anything. The people who I thought would judge me turned out to be the people pushing me to finish a tough workout and are what makes coming back workout after workout easy.

***Kanna members: Matt’s custom workout date TBD***

How does one become Member of the Month? By embodying the mission of CrossFit Kanna of Learning, Working Hard, and Having Fun. By contributing to the community and supporting others in and out of the workout. By being open to coaching and improving oneself for the sake of being better, not to “win” the workout. By just generally being a good person and having a positive attitude. And a lot more, but you get the idea!

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