3 Ways To Get Out For a Run This Fall

by Coach Dori

Fall weather – everyone’s favorite, right? Going out for a run is a great way to enjoy the weather, but maybe you’re not that motivated. Here are some ideas to get up and get out the door to enjoy the outdoors.

  1. Reward yourself! We all know for most people during the Fall that your Sundays are spent on the couch watching football. For those of you who know this is how your Sunday is going to go, use a run as a way for you to reward yourself with that relaxing couch session, beer, or some good food.
  2. Buy some new gear! Who doesn’t love wearing a new sweatshirt, and of course buying it! So go ahead and get some new gear, shoes, hats, or a sweatshirt and go out for a run so you can get some usage out of your new gear. And we all know it feels awesome to get a good run in and then get some coffee feeling awesome in your new gear!
  3. Sign up for a race! Having a goal will motivate you to get out and train prior to your race. Sign up for your local 5K and get out a few times a week to train some longer runs!

What other ways do you get outside to enjoy the weather? Any other methods to motivate yourself for a run?

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