5 Tips for Healthy Eating around the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and food! And while indulging in your favorite holiday dishes is part of the fun, it’s also important to remember to eat healthily. Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy all your holiday favorites without going overboard.

Balance Your Plate – When it comes to holiday meals, moderation is key. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with lean protein, and the rest with whole grains or starchy vegetables. This will help you get all the nutrients you need without overdoing it on the less healthy stuff.

Make Smart Swaps – Swap out the heavy cream for milk, butter for olive oil, or bacon for leaner meats like turkey or chicken. These simple swaps can save you calories without sacrificing flavor.

Watch Your Portions – It’s easy to overeat during the holidays, but be mindful of how much you’re eating. Servings should be about the size of your fist for carbohydrates, protein, and fats. And when it comes to desserts, go for one small piece instead of going back for seconds (or thirds!).

Stay Hydrated – Drinking plenty of water is always important, but especially during the holidays when we tend to eat more than usual. Staying hydrated will help you feel fuller longer and avoid overeating. Bonus points if you drink water with lemon, which can help boost your metabolism.

Get Moving – Exercise is another great way to offset holiday indulgences. Taking a brisk walk after a big meal can help ease digestion and prevent weight gain. So take a break from watching football or chatting with relatives and get moving!

Remember, the holidays are about enjoying time with loved ones – not obsessing over what you’re eating. By following these tips, you can indulge in your favorite holiday foods without feeling guilty or depriving yourself of any holiday cheer!

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