Are You Safe in Your Gym?

by Lam

If you’ve been doing CrossFit long enough, you probably have had an opportunity to drop into a number of different boxes or been a member at different CrossFit communities.  With that experience, you’ll come to find that each CrossFit affiliate operates with varying rules, themes and definition of community.

I’ve always found one of the most important themes in a CrossFit community is allowing members to feel safe.  What does it mean to feel safe at a CrossFit affiliate? Does it just mean the affiliate has knowledgeable coaches that are able to guide me through the complex movements? (physical safety)  Does it mean the coaches are able to help me understand that scaling is okay without feeling any less of an athlete? (physical/emotional safety)  Does it mean that I am able to ask rudimentary questions without being scolded or made to feel stupid? (intellectual/emotional safety) Unsurprisingly, the answer to all those questions should be….. YES.

There’s so much to the sport of CrossFit that even after years of working out, there’s constantly something to learn.  The community and affiliate MUST have an environment where members can ask questions, be inquisitive and exercise their intellectual curiosity without being made to feel small.  I generally find those that ask the questions are the ones that are willing to take the time to better themselves, they just need an environment that they can thrive in.

In CrossFit, we not only work out our physical bodies, but the experience affects us mentally and emotionally.  The best environment is with members and coaches that allow you to dig down deep and not quit even when our mind is telling us to stop.  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable as you push past those limits is difficult and not everyone can do that right away without feeling safe.  That vulnerability is a strength when you’re able to show it to your community.  Members need to feel that they aren’t judged but instead encouraged to continue testing their limits in a safe environment.

Crossfit Kanna allows its members and athletes to thrive in an environment no matter the skill level or experience.  The Icelandic definition of “Kanna” means to explore and to research so it’s absolutely important to give the athletes the space and capacity to explore themselves.  One of the best ways to do that is to allow its members to feel safe which is what we strive to do each and every day at Kanna.

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