Coach Dori’s Top Five Tips for Performance

Being at the top of your game means more than just working out. It means taking care of yourself outside of the box as well. Sleep, nutrition, and smart work will lead to the best version of you. Here are Coach Dori’s Top Five Tips for Performance:

1. Get in your car, drive to your local pharmacy and buy earplugs, a sleep mask and Epsom salt. All three of these will help you sleep better which is crucial for you to recover. Take baths regularly with Epsom salt which will not only relax you, but help soothe your muscles.

2. Never, never, never be lazy in the kitchen. I know how easy it is to wake up and grab a high sugar granola bar and eat that for breakfast. But by doing that you are being lazy in the kitchen which will be detrimental to your nutrition. Instead, get comfortable with cooking your meals, like an omelet for breakfast or some hard boiled eggs. My personal tip is to find a routine that makes cooking fun. For me, that means watching Netflix while I prep my meals and cook. #NetflixAndCook anybody?

3. Listen to your body, but not your mind. If you are sore and in need of a rest day take it by all means, but if you have a scheduled workout and mentally do not want to workout you must push through it. You will realize it was worth it once the workout is over.

4. Program weaknesses often and have fun daily. Workouts will be hard, but they should also should be fun! Always program something daily that is fun, like practicing handstands or doing cartwheels.

5. Look good! That means spend some money on clothing and shoes that will boost your confidence. If you feel cool, you will feel confident and that will transition into better performances in your workouts!


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