Five Ways To Use Your Fitness This Spring

As the weather gets warmer, check out these tips to get outside and make the most of your fitness and the spring time!

  1. Try to get people out and about! One of the greatest things about countries abroad is that every night and day people are walking around, talking to neighbors and kids are playing. It is so fun! Typical American neighborhoods are so secluded nowadays, so why not use your fitness as a way to break that trend. Take a post dinner walk, say hi to anyone you see walking around, challenge the neighbor to some basketball or just go to your local park for a nice walk and bring the whole family!
  2. Experiment with some home workouts! It is really fun to use your creativity to make a nice little WOD, try some child-weighted squats and runs to the light pole! You can also see what else you have at home. I have personally used a small square sofa for burpee box jump overs, an old laundry bag filled with sand, and so much more! What’s better than getting a sweat on, sunshine and a little bit of creativity?!
  3. Don’t be scared to try something cool! A lot of people don’t get to experience really awesome things because of their lack of fitness, but luckily us Kanna folk don’t have to worry about that! Go for that hike up a mountain, try an obstacle course, or jump into a pickup basketball game at your local park! I suggest Mondauk park around 6pm when it gets nice out!
  4. Plan an awesome day trip! Plan a trip filled with hiking, swimming, shopping, eating and exploring! Personally I love going to the beach, finding a local hike in the PA area, or doing anything fun!
  5. Do something competitive! Join in on a game with you colleagues, hang out after a WOD and play some Spikeball, or sign up for something competitive like a race or a CrossFit competition.

-Coach Dori


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