How Fitness is Like Money: ROI

Everyone’s all about ROI these days. If you invest $5,000, you’re going to want a Return On Investment, right? And while this has become a buzz term mostly for the financial world, we can also look at it for fitness too.

What you’re doing every day in the gym should be making a huge difference in your life.

What’s the ROI on fitness?

  • Weight control
  • Less health conditions and diseases
  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better sex
  • Stronger social connections

I’m no doctor, but over the years our clients have confirmed that all of this is true.

Most of us care a lot about “right now,” and some of those benefits will appear sooner than others. But the great thing is that the work you do now will compound in better health far into your future.

All of this is worth remembering on days when the “right now” seems tough.

-Coach Chris

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