Our Nutrition “Why?”

by Coach Chris

“Kanna” is an Icelandic word that means, “to explore,” or “to investigate.” It also means “pot of coffee.” (go ahead and look it up!) 

We follow the CrossFit methodology because for most everyday people looking to be generally fit for life, it’s the best bang for their buck. Functional movements done in a safe manner under the watchful eye of a coach will get us stronger and faster and push off the nursing home for longer than if we didn’t workout. And we just haven’t seen the same results as a traditional back/bis/tris or running-only routine, otherwise we would do those!

In terms of nutrition, we want the same bang for our buck. That means eating real, whole foods most of the time while still allowing “life” to happen. We call it the 80/20 rule. When people take out the junk and replace it with eating real foods, magic happens. Many pounds are lost, medications are reduced, and conditions such as Type II diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis are less severe or even reversed. Moods are better, relationships get stronger, and we become our best selves.

Is there an aesthetic piece to nutrition and working out? Of course there is! But we’d be lying if we told you that the only goal was to look good naked. You see, we like to play the long game and that means eating and working out for health and longevity. Eating real whole foods has been around for a lot longer than any fast food restaurant, but society has forgotten what it means to cook and eat nutritious meat, veggies, and fruits. And many times even if we know what to eat, we might not have the habits to make it happen.

This is why we offer nutrition coaching both 1:1 and in group challenges (more on that at the end). We want to not only provide the knowledge about eating for health and longevity, but we also know that day to day life can create hurdles we must navigate. By being accountable to a nutrition coach, you have an external reason to stick with something you know internally is good for you. (pun intended)

If you workout 1 hour each day, that’s just 4% of your day. We want to also help with the other 96%.

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