Permission to Fail

Failure is a funny concept. In school, failing can be the difference of one question on a test. There’s a line drawn and you’re either above it or below it. And yet in life, there are rarely hard lines drawn. There are usually blurry lines at best and our definition of failure is usually something that comes from within.

The problem is that for those of us who are used to NOT failing in school (aka you were academically successful), working out often can feel like this unknown feeling some call failure. Not knowing how to do power cleans and needing to scale pull-ups can feel like failure to some. To that I say, “Good!” Now we can begin the real learning.

See, oftentimes the fear of failure prevents us from even trying something new. At Kanna we often get people who have been stalking us on social media for 3-6 months, even a year! Why do they hesitate to come in? Because they’re intimidated. Why are they intimidated? Because they think they won’t be “good enough.” In other words, they feel like they’ll fail.

Once you’re in the doors, we’ll take care of you. We’ll show you that not only is failure ok, it’s expected! It means that you gave it a shot and that you’re willing to learn. For us, FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning. You only perceive failing because that’s what you’ve been told NOT to do for 13-17+ years of your life in school!

At the end of the day, there is no failing in our gym. It’s only trying your best each time you come in and slowly making progress. Yes, we keep track of results, but that’s to show yourself how much you improve over time. Because as you feel like you’re failing day in and day out, you’re actually improving incrementally both physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’re becoming stronger and more resilient. You’re becoming the best version of yourself and that version doesn’t fear failure. It embraces it.

-Coach Chris

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