The Open Is Over. Now What?

You just finished 5 grueling workouts that have highlighted your strengths and exposed your weaknesses.  You’ve cheered until your voice was hoarse and have given more fist bumps in 5 weeks than you have all year.  So what’s next?  What do you do now that all the excitement is done and everyone resumes their routine of normal daily WODs?

First of all, be proud!  It’s not easy to commit to 5 weeks of workouts and do them to very specific standards.  If you’ve been able to put yourself out there and participate, give yourself a pat on the back!  If you’ve been able to finish all 5 workouts, give yourself a high five!  The Open brings out the best in us since there’s a little bit more adrenaline than a regular class.  With all those people cheering for you as you work out with your friends, you tend to see PRs on a lifts.  If that’s you, enjoy that moment!  You’ve worked hard all year long to earn it!

On the other side of things, you’ll find that Dave Castro likes to make sure that Open participants have their weaknesses revealed.  Whether it’s double-unders, muscle-ups or handstand walks, many participants will find that this is where the “RX” ends and the scaling begins.  If Castro has included an advanced movement in an Open, it’s very likely that they’ll rear their ugly heads next year.  You have ALL year to work on movements or weakness to prepare for next year.  Set a goal in your mind, work with your coach and community to figure out what you can do to improve.  When the Open comes around again next year, conquer that hurdle!

In my experience, cheering at the top of my lungs when a member executes an advanced movement for the first time is usually on my list of cool experiences for The Open.  Reflect upon the fun and exciting moments you’ve had with the community.  Even more common, reflect on how badly a workout destroyed your soul!  Be proud of your accomplishments, work on your weaknesses and be ready to kick it into gear next February!

What are your plans now that the Open is over? If you’re not sure, talk to your coach and setup a skill session!

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