What’s in a Name?

Our name “Kanna” is Icelandic (pronounced “cah-nah”) and has several meanings:

  1. to explore
  2. to investigate
  3. pot of coffee

We love to explore in the physical sense – hiking, traveling, etc. But we also love to explore what our bodies are capable of in both the physical and mental aspects. Whether it’s playing sports or carrying in groceries, we are usually much stronger than we think. And when we are stressed at work or through a pandemic, our members find they are stronger mentally as well.

We love questioning things and figuring out what’s true. This goes for things all the way from our fitness methodology to nutrition. We’re not tied to any one way of doing things. If we find out that Shake Weights and eating marshmallows all day is the combo to getting in shape, then we’ll do it. (hint: it’s not) Our coaches are constantly getting continuing education and melding knowledge from all different sources so that we can take what’s useful to our members. We’re not afraid to be wrong and our main priority is providing our members with a high quality fitness experience.

Coffee is a symbol of vibrance, energy, and socializing. Not only does coffee provide caffeine and resulting energy, but it also provides a reason to get together socially. People get together with friends for coffee or have coffee after a great dinner.
When we workout in small groups of twelve people, the energy in the room is palpable, especially right before the workout timer starts. And even though most people join Kanna for the workouts initially, you can’t help but realize this is also a social club, too!

Yesterday I explained our logo and now our name. Hopefully it helps you understand more of what we’re about!

-Coach Chris

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