What’s the Plan?

Having a successful workout routine is rarely about what equipment you have access to. How do we know this?

Think about how many people have a treadmill and weights at home and never use them.

Think about how many people have a globo gym membership (LA Fitness, Retro, Crunch, etc) and never go.

Think about how many people actually do go to said globo gym, but wander around from machine to machine wondering how to use them, in what order, how many reps, sets, etc.

The difference between us and globo gyms is that we tell you what to do and coach you on how to do it. So while we call ourselves a “gym” for simplicity’s sake, we’re really a “coaching business.”

The great thing is that we can do this whether you’re at home or with us at Kanna. As soon as COVID-19 hit, we came up with a plan to customize workouts for our members at home based on their individual equipment and constraints. We were still coaching even though our physical location shut down.

And while we are currently back doing outdoor classes, there are a few members who are choosing to stay home and that’s fine because we give them the structure they need through remote coaching.

A solid workout routine is not about access to equipment. It’s about knowing what to do and being accountable to a coach to actually do it.

Everybody thinks they want freedom, but very few actually do. Don’t believe me? If I gave you a blank sheet of paper and told you to write, you would ask “about what?” If you’ve ever tried to decide where to go to eat or order from, you know picking from three choices is easier than having 25 to choose from. Having unlimited choices creates paralysis by analysis.

People actually like constraint. They like to be told what to do. Especially when it comes to something relatively foreign like working out. Not only do they need to know the structure (reps, sets, time, etc) but they also need feedback on form and technique. That’s what we do. That’s our specialty.

People who join Kanna want to be told what to do. They want to forget about the outside world for an hour, have a coach tell them the plan, lead them through a warm-up, workout, and cool down, and get on with their day. And the plus side is that they have fun doing it.

If that sounds like you, we might just be a good match.

-Coach Chris

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