Yoga – the Yin to our Yang

We believe CrossFit is the best general physical preparedness (GPP) program out there. By combining lifting with running, rowing, gymnastics, and more, we are preparing our bodies for the unknown and unknowable. Because we put our bodies through such a large range of motion in our squats, burpees, and pull-ups, we also often need to work on our mobility. Enter yoga.

Yoga is the yin to our yang of high intensity workouts. Since it is designed to take you through large ranges of motion and open the joints, yoga is a great complement to CrossFit. Are there some people that wouldn’t benefit from yoga? Sure, usually hyper mobile people usually need to only focus on strength training to stabilize their joints, but those people are few and far between. What we often see are people that are super tight through their hips, thoracic spine, shoulders, and more.

Having trouble with getting low in squats? Yoga can help with that hip mobility. Having trouble getting the bar over your head in a shoulder press? Yoga can help with that thoracic mobility. Basically yoga is a great way to mobilize and get in better positions for our workouts. In addition, if you are normally hard wired for high-intensity activity, it would probably benefit you to slow down every once in awhile!

This is why we’ve partnered with Emily Walker to offer yoga at CrossFit Kanna in November and December. Emily is trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and is excited to offer this for our community. She’ll be running a 60 minute flow on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm for both Kanna members and the general public. We are limiting total spots to just 20 people though, so you should register to guarantee a spot!

Click here to register for Yoga with Emily Walker

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