Client Success Manager


Molly joined Kanna in 2018 in an attempt to make time for self-care, after transitioning into being a caregiver for both her parents unexpectedly. After ten years of avid running and spinning, she found it difficult to both motivate and manage stress levels in her new role. After two years as an active member, she joined the staff to help motivate members, organize events, and enhance the community’s culture. She loves seeing how Kanna helps improve new members physical and mental well-being! An item on her bucket list is to visit Paris with her daughter and husband.

Some Recent Posts by Our Coaches

September Member of the Month: Amanda M.

Name Amanda Morelli Occupation high school student, small business owner When did you start CF? January 2018 What are your favorite numbers and why? 8-it’s been my soccer and softball number for years; 12-it’s my birthday What movements do you like? power cleans, pistol squats, deadlifts, running, box jumps What movements do you dislike? wall…

August Member of the Month: Heather G.

Name Heather Greenleaf Occupation Project Manager for Imagine Exhibitions When did you start CF? 2 1/2 years ago What are your favorite numbers and why? 11 – Trip’s and Alice’s basketball number, 15 – my birthdate What CF movements do you like? Any and all core movements (situps, Russian twists, supermans, hollow holds, etc), speed…

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