Most gyms sell you access to equipment. You pay a fee and you can go in and use their equipment. This is like paying a cheap fee to use a library. Some people use it, most don’t.

We sell coaching. Think of us as educators for fitness and nutrition and you’ll understand that you’re paying for more than just some pull-up bars and weights in a crowd of people.

There are options for your own personal fitness “tutor” (personal training) and options for a small class experience.

Programming done for you.
Instruction on proper and safe form.


Personal Training is a great option for those looking for a customized workout scheduled on your own time. Pricing starts at $55 for 30 min or $90 for 60 min. and we will work with you to build a customized package for your goals.


Even those looking for a group atmosphere, we start everyone off with at least some 1:1 training. Your first 90 Days here are critical to learning correct form, establishing good habits, and dialing in your nutrition. Once you complete your First 90 Days, our ongoing monthly membership rates are $155+.


If you have done functional fitness at a registered affiliate for over 6 months and would like to transfer, we require at least three 1:1 sessions. We will introduce and assess you on our 15-movement Level Method™ system, get you onboarded to our culture and community, and walk you through the differences you might experience here compared to your old gym. If you’re visiting from out of town and would like to drop in, see the link below to register!

Single Drop In
  • -Only for experienced people (usually from out of town)
  • -Must know movements like power snatches, hang cleans, overhead squats, etc.
  • -Note: We limit our class sizes, so pre-registration is required.

Come for the Workout, Stay for the Community – Get More Info!

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