Kanna Fitness Staff

Our coaches are educators of movement and performance. You pay good money for instruction, feedback, and encouragement and you will get exactly those things in our classes. Our team holds some of the highest qualifications possible in the fitness industry and we approach our job with professional enthusiasm. Never ones to settle, we are constantly educating ourselves on the most effective methods to get you in the best shape of your life!

Some Recent Posts by Our Coaches

Kanna For All – Kickoff Event Feb. 4, 2022

Getting “Fit for Life” starts with Kanna Youth Fitness. In our youth programs for ages 3 and up, we lay the foundation for lifelong health & wellness, athletics, and enjoyment of exercise. We believe in what we do and how it changes lives and hope to make it accessible to as many local families as…

January Member of the Month: Dave Lintgen

Name Dave Lintgen Occupation Strategic Sourcing Manager When did you start at Kanna? December 2018 What are your favorite numbers and why? 2 and 14 Because those are my wife and kid’s birthdays. 11 Just because. What movements do you like? Push-ups and T2B clean and Jerk, power clean, barbell cycling, push-ups, rowing, air bike.…

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