Announcing: CrossFit Kanna


The word “Kanna” is Icelandic for “to explore,” “to investigate,” and yes, a “pot of coffee.”

EXPLORE: We like to travel, get outdoors, and experience new places. We want you to use your fitness for outdoor activities, sports, and everyday things like picking up your kids. At CrossFit, you’ll explore all sorts of new fitness techniques, but our coaches will lead you along the way, just like a tour guide.

INVESTIGATE: We are skeptics of conventional wisdom when it comes to the fitness world. While fad diets and shiny contraptions can be enticing, we investigate what true fitness means and stick with actual effective methods. We are always open to new ways of doing something, but there must be evidence that it works.

COFFEE: What can we say? We love coffee! Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and whether it’s a cup of coffee, a great meal, or a fist bump from a fellow CrossFitter, we want you to appreciate and enjoy life!

CrossFit Kanna will be opening in Ambler, PA in late fall 2016. Be sure to “like” our FB page for updates!

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