CrossFit Kanna’s January Member of the Month: Stew G.

It’s been a pleasure having Stew in the Kanna community for the past year. One of the things that sets him apart is his intense drive to attack his weaknesses – not an easy thing to do for anyone no matter how much CrossFit experience they have. Always coming in early and mobilizing and making progress along the way has been great to see from a coaching perspective. In his short time here, Stew has already become a role model for other members to look up to (both literally and figuratively) In fact, his hard work is so evident that we heard from several separate members that they thought he should be Member of the Month and well, here he is! Congrats Stew, we’re excited for you to bring us into 2020!

Stew Greenleaf


When did you start CF?
January 2019

What are your favorite numbers and why?
21-15-9, I like putting in hard work up front and being rewarded with lower reps at the end.

What CF movements do you like?
Burpee box jump overs; barbell or SA DB power snatches; running.

What CF movements do you dislike?

What sports or fitness things did you do before CF?
Rowed in high school and college; running; weight-lifting.

How did you find CF? What was your first workout?
I knew a few people who had done CF for a long time, but really just started out of chance; I think my first WOD was a very-scaled 10 rounds of Cindy.

What’s your favorite thing about CF?
My favorite thing about CF is its scope of work, from cardio to Olympic lifting, mixed all together. My favorite thing about Kanna is the incredibly friendly and supportive community, including coaches and members.

What are your hobbies?
Sailing and watching my kids play sports.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
My favorite music genre is roots reggae.

What PRs or accomplishments are you most proud of?
Moving past major elbow and shoulder mobility issues to improve on overhead and front squats.

What’s on your CF bucket list?
Ring and bar muscle ups; strict handstand push-ups.

What’s on your general bucket list?
Skippering a blue water sailing passage by celestial navigation.

What advice do you have for new (or experienced!) CrossFitters?
Just because your brain is telling you to stop or slow down, doesn’t mean your body can’t keep going. The trick is figuring out when and how to ignore your brain.

Anything else you’d like to mention?
Thank goodness Heather and I found Kanna.

***Kanna members: Stew’s custom workout TBD***

How does one become Member of the Month? By embodying the Kanna ideals of Learning, Working Hard, and Having Fun. By contributing to the community and supporting others in and out of the workout. By being open to coaching and improving oneself for the sake of being better, not to “win” the workout. By just generally being a good person and having a positive attitude. And a lot more, but you get the idea!

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