CrossFit Kanna’s October Member of the Month: Katie M.

Katie walked in our doors on January 1, 2017 and immediately signed up. After doing high intensity workouts in her home country of the Czech Republic, then CrossFit in Spain, Katie knew the power of community at CrossFit. Armed with a smile and great work ethic, Katie has been a great addition to our daytime classes and has seen awesome results, especially with her weightlifting movements. If Katie has anything less than a positive attitude, it’s just because she’s hardest on herself and always striving to be better! We’re so happy that she chose to join us during her time in the States and we’re excited to recognize Katie for this month!

Kateřina Mrkáčková

Au pair

When did you start CF?
End of summer 2017

What are your favorite numbers and why?
11-because two numbers one in a row can never be wrong haha, 13-my mom’s all time favorite number, 8-my first competition number when I was doing mountain biking

What CF movements do you like?
Cleans/squat cleans, deadlifts, box jumps, bike/rower

What CF movements do you dislike?
Tought one..while ago I I’d say burpees, ohs, snatches, TTB, but now, maybe ohs and snatches, but just because I can’t do them so well as I’d like to due to my shoulders ?

What sports or fitness things did you do before CF?
Gymnastics, ballet, competing in mountain biking, regular gym and horseback riding.

How did you find CF? What was your first workout?
I was about 15yo and they just opened new “crossfit gym” in my town so I’ve tried it, it was more like tabata kind of workouts..but than I went to Mallorca, Spain, and was following two girls on instagram, who was doing the “real CrossFit” and just wanted to try it so bad, so I’ve found a box there, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My first workout was I think some running, wall balls and cleans.

What’s your favorite thing about CF? (either CF in general or about Kanna or both)
The community!!!! I love how people encourage each other, how everyone are on the same page of trying to do their best. Thing I especially like is that no one would ever laugh at the weight you lift or that you run slower than others etc. The mindset of the crossfit community is just awesome. Other than that, I love the fact that Crossfit has so many variations of doing, you need to run, swim, bike, climb, that it’s s not just about the lifting and getting pumped haha! And to Kanna, I could not be more luckier, the one hour there gives me energy and good mood for the rest of my day. Since I’m so far from my friends and family, I’ve found my second family right here.

What are your hobbies?
Everything what include some activity, in-line skating, biking, running, horseback riding, hiking, swimming…

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I’ve played violin for about 8 years

What PRs or accomplishments are you most proud of? 
Probably my latest PR on snatch and clean

What’s on your CF bucket list?
Butterfly pullups, better ttb, get comfortable with over head stuff

What’s on your general bucket list?
No idea, I kind of just go with the flow, hoping it’s gonna work out somehow hahah. Probably some more traveling, Crossfit-ing and learning languages.

What advice do you have for new (or experienced!) CrossFitters?
Just go, try, and don’t give up. Do always your best. Hard work always pays off!

***Kanna members: Katie’s custom workout TBD***

How does one become Member of the Month? By embodying the mission of CrossFit Kanna of Learning, Working Hard, and Having Fun. By contributing to the community and supporting others in and out of the workout. By being open to coaching and improving oneself for the sake of being better, not to “win” the workout. By just generally being a good person and having a positive attitude. And a lot more, but you get the idea!

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