3 Steps to Master DUBS! (double-unders)

by Coach Dori

3 Steps to Master DUBS!

1. Practice Penguin Jumps and Single Unders with a high slow jump. For penguin jumps all you have to do is clap twice to your side for every jump, this will help you master the timing for DUBS. Single unders¬†with a focus on high slow jumps will help you stay relaxed during DUBS and teach you how to jump correctly. The key is you don’t want fast short jumps, you want slow high jumps to allow for space for the rope to rotate under you twice.
2. Do little workouts with your DUBS. Design little short workouts that enforce UB DUBS (unbroken double-unders). So for example 5 rounds of 15 DUBS 15 Thrusters but anytime you miss a set or don’t do 15 UB you have to do 15 Burpees/Run 400 M. Workouts like this give you an incentive to master DUBS and avoid the penalty.
3. Always take your jump rope! Never leave your house without your rope! You can fit your jump rope into any bag so if you plan on traveling take the time to practice since you won’t have much else available. Make use of all your time so that a week away from Kanna doesn’t mean you’re out of shape; rather you come back mastering¬†DUBS!

What are your best tips to mastering the elusive double-under?

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