5 Vacation-Approved Workouts That Aren’t Boring

by Coach Dori

Vacation season is approaching and while there are plenty of boxes in cities, what if you’re on the beach, in the mountains, doing a road trip, or just have your hotel room? Here are some ideas to get your sweat on in between your R&R:


AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 20 min:
Swim out into the ocean right past the point where the waves are crashing.
Run all the way up the beach, from the water to where the dunes or boardwalk starts.
5 Burpees right before you swim again


This workout takes just 10 minutes for a great core workout. Do each exercise in order for just 1 minute each (:45 work :15 rest)

  1. Hollow hold
  2. Hollow Rock
  3. V-up
  4. Arches
  5. Plank
  6. Side Plank
  7. Side Plank
  8. Straight Leg Toe Touches
  9. Flutter Kicks
  10. Sit-ups


EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 4 minutes:
15-18 Burpees

then, 4 Min EMOM:
15-25 Air squats

then, 4 Min EMOM:
8-10 Burpees

then, 4 Min EMOM:
15 Jumping Squats


Find yourself an odd object that is moderately heavy.. For example- A bag of coal briquets, Case of Beer, Largish rock, Large Branch or Log.

Pick a point around 100 M away and carry the objeCt to that point without dropping it for as many times as you can within 12 minutes.

You can also do static holds, so set your phone/timer up where you can see it and literally hold the object however you feel comfortable for around a minute nonstop, rest for 1 minute, then repeat for 6 rounds.


200 Air squats For Time but… EMOM 10 jump overs using a piece of luggage or an object you can easily clear by jumping over

All workouts listed above should be done with extreme caution, always swim with a lifeguard on duty, never do anything to endanger yourself or others. As well as have fun on your vacation 🙂

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