Best Hour of Your Day?

There’s a saying among micro gyms that for marketing, we should be the “best hour of your day.” The idea being that when you’re in the gym, it’s going to be an amazing hour of fitness and fun.

I have mixed feelings about this. Shouldn’t the time spent with family be the best hour of your day? Or catching up with a friend over FaceTime? Or going for a nice walk with your pet while the sun sets?

But I also get it. The gym can be your escape. It’s your “me” time. It’s the place you can forget about work and even family obligations and just sweat it out and have fun.

So here’s the deal: we’re not going to claim that we’re providing the best hour of your day because frankly, that’s not our call. It’s yours. But the Kanna staff does promise that we’ll do everything we can to fight for that top spot. And if we get a “really really good hour of your day,” we’ll take it.

-Coach Chris

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