Change is Painful

By Coach Chris

Generally, people don’t like change. Anytime Facebook updates its interface, there are eleventeen million posts about how people hate the new look. A week later, they forget about it and find they either got used to the new look or *gasp* even like it!

Unlike Facebook rolling out a new update, starting a workout routine or changing your current routine depends on YOU making the decision to change. But as we said above, people generally don’t like change even if they know it’s good for them. So when do people actually take action and change up their routine? It typically happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of perceived change.

One look in the mirror, one comment from a friend or stranger, one moment is usually what it takes for people to take action on something they’ve been thinking about for awhile. They realize that staying the same is worse than trying something different. And I say “perceived change” because once people start a new routine like CrossFit, they actually realize it’s not as bad as they thought. They get in and see that it’s normal to modify workouts. That people here are super friendly and encouraging. That our weights all look like 45s but are actually a mix of 10s, 15s, etc. That we coach and guide them through every part of the workout so they don’t have to think about anything and our emphasis on form keeps them safe.

Like I said, people don’t like change. But if you do need a change, let us know.

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