How Fitness is Like Money: Build a Buffer

There are all sorts of financial “gurus” out there, but no matter what their philosophy is on making money, they would all agree to have some sort of emergency savings. Whether you lose a job, car gets totaled, or a pandemic hits (too soon?), having a buffer of cash to fall back on gives you peace of mind and something to rely on until you get back on your feet.

The same could be said about fitness. By working out and doing both strength and cardio, you’re building a buffer for times that you may need it or even for times that you can’t keep with your normal fitness routine.

Financially, COVID-19 hit businesses in different ways. Some had to completely shut down and revenue dropped to zero. Many of those businesses are now closed. Other businesses may be thriving. Perhaps it’s because they are a 100% digital business, or they manufacture products needed during a pandemic.

Health-wise, COVID-19 does not have a U-shaped curve like many other viruses that affect the very young and the very old. Instead, it seems to massively impact those with pre-existing conditions, or “comorbidities.” In a study done in late April, scientists looked at the condition of 5,700 COVID patients hospitalized in the NYC area. The authors found that 94% of the patients had a chronic health problem, and 88 percent had two or more comorbidities. The three most prevalent conditions were hypertension (56.6%), obesity (41.7%), and diabetes (33.8%).

Here’s the thing. Chronic disease is preventable. Hypertension, obesity, and diabetes don’t just happen overnight. In 1958, only 0.93% of the population had diabetes. Now it’s over 10% and growing. Why is that? Is it genetics? Or could it be our environment and how we’re surrounded by processed foods? I’d bet on the latter.

Almost all of the time chronic disease occurs due to our environment and our lifestyle. The solution is not that complicated. Lift some weights. Run, row, bike, etc. And eat real food. If you do those things, you automatically put yourself ahead and build a buffer. We don’t even need to be as dramatic as COVID. Just by being healthy, you are making yourself more resilient to handle colds, flus, and other illnesses because your immune system is strong. You’re also more resilient to bumps, bruises, falls, and other accidents.

While we can’t help on the financial front, we definitely can help on the fitness and nutrition side of things so get in touch if you feel a little lost.

-Coach Chris

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