3 Parks To Run/Walk With Your Dog Around Ambler, PA

Is this your first time ever taking your pup for a run? Or maybe you’re an old pro at it, but you’re looking for new places to explore. Either way, we designed this list of dog-friendly parks (not dog parks) so you can take your pooch and explore Ambler Pennsylvania easily! From paved walking trails to open fields, from yards to picnic areas, you’ll find something for you and your pup to love here. You can plan on visiting one of these parks for each month of the year!

1. Pen Ambler Park

Penn Ambler Park is an easily accessible trail that is great for people new to running. Its paved surfaces and location, near the Pennlyn Train Station on Pen Ambler Road, make it the perfect spot for a quick outing with your dog!

2. Wissahickon Green Ribbon Trail

Do you have a little more time? Not far from Pen Ambler Park is the connector to the Green Ribbon Trail. It boasts 12.6 miles of trail, not that you have to do all of it immediately, but you can build up your stamina over time! It runs parallel to the Wissahickon Creek and through several preserves and Fort Washington State Park making it great for a hike with a picnic in the middle too. Your pup will also have a blast seeing all of the wildlife: blue herons, bluebirds, goldfinches, pickerel, and more! While you’re at it, pack some disc golf for Fort Washington State Park

3. Evansburg State Park

Moving a little further out, Evansburg State Park is about 30 minutes northeast of Ambler in Skippack and has 6 miles of trails. These are all dirt trails with lots of elevation change so be careful on this one. Its beautiful scenery, the incredible amount of wildlife, and the calming sound of the Skippack Creek make it a wonderful day to spend the day. It’s also another park that hosts a picnic area and playground so when you finish your run/walk you can still enjoy the views while you recover!

But there are plenty of other dog-friendly parks around Ambler to explore throughout the year. The ones listed above just scratch the surface on this one topic. With a variety of options to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding great places to take your pups for a run. If you have any suggestions for other dog-friendly trails in the area, feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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