Being Present

In a world where there are so many things vying for our attention (work, kids, spouse, friends, news, Netflix, Instagram, etc) our small group classes allow you to be fully present and forget about the outside world even if it’s just for just an hour.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: our workouts are hard. But because of the efficient way we get so much work done in a short amount of time, we also have to focus and be present in the moment. If you’ve ever done box jumps, you (and your shins) know the consequences to losing your focus. Or if you’re trying to focus on keeping the bar close in a clean. Or even if you’re just counting your reps. Being in our gym means you’re in the moment and present.

I think this is one of the unforeseen benefits of showing up to a class and having a coach tell you what to do. No one is on their phone, no one has earbuds in, and no one is distracted by the outside world.

There are many reasons why people leave class feeling better than when they came in, but I believe one of those reasons is that they can forget the outside world and focus on themselves for once.

-Coach Chris

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