Independence Day(s)

As it’s July 4th and I’m hearing fireworks go off outside, let’s talk about freedom – specifically, independence.

I love being independent.

I couldn’t wait to get my own car so I didn’t have to rely on parents or friends for a ride.

I couldn’t wait to work – ever since I was fourteen year old, I’ve had two or three jobs because I love how money let me buy what I wanted.

I couldn’t wait to get to college and have the freedom to set my own schedule.

And so on.

How does this apply to our members? In many ways, being fit gifts you the freedom and ability to be independent, i.e. not have to rely on others.

Have you ever asked someone to help you lift something because you couldn’t do it?

Have you ever had to take medications for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, or hypertension?

Have you ever shied away from friend’s offer to go running, hiking, biking, etc. because you were afraid you were too out of shape?

Have you ever wanted to actually carry in all those groceries at once to not make multiple trips??

And so on.

You see, so many people have fallen into habits and lifestyles that confine them to the couch. Most of the time, these people don’t realize what happened until it’s too late.

As you should know by now, we’re all about getting “fit for life.” This means doing the hard things now (doing hard workouts, eating well, etc.) so that we can be independent both now and in the future.

If you want to go running with a friend, you should be physically capable of doing that. If you don’t have someone to help you lift your luggage in the overhead bin, you should be capable of doing that. If you want to run around with kids and grandkids, you should be capable of doing that.

Not sure how to start? We can help.

-Coach Chris

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