Letter to My High School Self by Coach Dori

Dear High School Dori,

Do not go to the YMCA and try to out-bench every person every day, you’ll get tendonitis in your shoulder and neck and it will hurt you to this day.

Instead, ask a professional to train you, teach you and guide you. Go find a CrossFit gym and start learning right now!!

Do not stop eating things you enjoy for three years, instead allow yourself to enjoy some foods but eat healthier overall!! Start cooking earlier then you did! You will love messing around in the kitchen and teaching yourself to cook, but skip eating that nasty tofu scramble you would make and learn how to make some better food.

Join the swim team! Those guys have it right, training that hard and smart. You would have loved being pushed that hard and having hard working friends!

Do not hate lacrosse, it’s upsetting watching guys who don’t work as hard as you do well, but don’t take it out on the sport. Take that aggression and focus it on something else you can control!

Thank you! Somehow you realized all on your own that you were on a bad path, you lost 60 pounds and started to learn about health and well being. You saved yourself from getting even more unhealthy in college, and you allowed yourself to live a healthy life sophomore year on! It would be nice if you started CrossFit earlier but it’s okay, I’m not mad at you. High School Dori, you did alright, you got us on a good path and now we are only going to keep moving forward!

-Coach Dori

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