2021 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for that fitness person in your life and realizing there’s only two more weeks until Christmas? Here is our holiday gift guide for all of your last-minute needs!


Unlike a step tracker, WHOOP measures more useful metrics such as Strain, Sleep, and Recovery. It acts as a coach to tell you what kind of quality sleep you got, how your body is recovered, and how much strain to put on your body based on all of that data. It connects to apps like Strava. We’re big fans of WHOOP (here’s our podcast with Tim Trainor of WHOOP) and we’re happy to be an official affiliate partner to offer you $30 off your WHOOP membership (you can also gift a membership to someone in your life that would geek out over this information).


Most equipment at a functional fitness gym is designed to be used by a variety of people of different heights, weights, etc. A jump rope should be one of the first things you have since it is actually based on both your height and proficiency jumping rope. Using a different length jump rope everytime your workout doesn’t make any sense since your rhythm will need to be different each time.

We like the folks over at Double Under Wonder – they make solid ropes at very affordable prices and you can even customize your own fun rope with a fixed length based on your height. Use code GIFTS4ALL for 25% off sitewide (free shipping on all orders over $40)

If you want an adjustable one so you can make it shorter as you get more proficient, we sell adjustable Double Under Wonder ropes at Kanna Fitness.


Whether it’s protein powder, daily Vitamins, or CBD products, Driven Nutrition has got you covered. We like Driven Nutrition for their strong support of functional fitness facilities around the world, plus their constant education surrounding their products. If you’re looking for CBD products, they are one of the only supplement companies out there that carry the high-quality Charlotte’s Web line.

Our favorite products? Whey protein, PostWOD, 17mg CBD Oil, and Berries & Greens.


If you have someone in your life that is constantly complaining about ripped hands from all of the pull-ups that they do, you should probably get them a pair of gymnastic grips. Designed to protect the hands from rips while on the pull-up bar, these are a great option. Most of our members have grips from Victory Grips, but you can also find similar ones from Bear Komplex. If you’d rather have the thinnest material possible, WOD ‘n DONE sells single-use gymnastic tape grips that do a great job keeping a tactile feel on the bar.


If you’re looking to contribute directly to someone’s fitness, what better way than a gift certificate to their gym? We sell online gift certificates for our current members here.

What else would you include on this list?

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