CrossFit Kanna’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for that favorite functional fitness exerciser in your life? Need ideas to give your loved ones so they can get you the latest CrossFit swag? Here are our favorites going into the 2017 holiday season, organized by price. We receive no kickbacks or incentives for listing these items. They’re simply either items we actually use day-to-day or know from word of mouth to be quality items!

Junk Headbands – $15.99+

Messy hair, don’t care. Unless it’s during a WOD. Junk headbands are super popular in CrossFit and there’s a reason. They keep your mane tamed and out of the way while doing burpees, pull-ups, and other hair tangling moves.

Rogue Fitness SR-1 Jump Rope  – $21.95
Jump ropes are one of the few things that should be sized according to the individual. Sure, each box will have their house ropes for members to use, but in order to really get good at double-unders, one needs to practice daily with a rope sized for your dimensions. There are plenty of other options, but for someone’s first rope, this is a good choice and can be sized at home using some basic tools.


Qalo Rings ~$24.99

We have and love Qalo rings as they’re made from a tough silicone that won’t hurt or scratch during a WOD. They have a variety of colors for both men and women and are perfect for those who don’t want to mess up their real rings or risk bringing them to the gym.


Yeti Rambler 20oz Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid – $29.99

CrossFitters tend to love coffee. Yeti is world-renowned to keep your drinks hot (or cold) for days on end, so although this doesn’t have much to do with the gym, it would fit great in your loved one’s gym bag.

Victory Stealth Grips – $45

CrossFit means pull-ups and pull-ups probably mean hand tears. Grips can help prevent tearing, but many out there are too thick to be comfortable. Enter Victory Stealth grips. These grips are made of a high performance synthetic microfiber that protect the athlete’s hands, but are thin enough to get a feel for the pull-up bar. We have these and love them.

Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt – $45

Velcro belts are going to offer a better fit than ones with standard belt holes. Plus, this belt is super affordable for those squatters and deadlifters in your life. We’re a fan of this new offering from Rogue, plus they have cool patches you can stick on!

Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt


Reebok CrossFit Nano – $74.99-$130

Reebok has a hefty partnership with CrossFit, so this is the only brand you’ll see marked as a “CrossFit” shoe (but as you’ll see below, there are at least two other popular brands). The Nano 7’s are the latest edition (seen below), but you can find other versions plus specialized shoes from Reebok like the Speed TR meant more for the running-biased crowd (reviews say it’s more narrow than the Nano as well)

Nike Metcon shoes – $74.99-$159.99

Some people just can’t bring themselves to buy Reebok. If so, go with the classic Nike Metcon for stability or the newer Metcon DSX Flyknit (shown here) for a more sock-like feel. If your person is already wearing Nikes, chances are they could use more in another color.

NOBULL shoes – $129-$159

If you’re looking for more of a lifestyle shoe that also works in the gym, NOBULL is your answer. Known for their super tough fabric, (knife-proof anybody?), they have a variety of colors from plain grey to black to these fun red ones.



Powerdot Muscle Stimulator – $249-$449

Working out is hard, but recovery is more important. For those with sore or stiff muscles, a personal muscle stimulator (stim) machine should do the trick. They’re not cheap, but they should last for years and only need the pads replaced every so often. We like the Powerdot because it’s small, portable, and wireless. You can control the device from your phone using a dedicated app and choose which program you want (massage, recovery, activation, etc) We also recommend splurging for the Duo* to hit both sides of your body at the same time rather than needing to repeat a 20 min massage just to stay balanced. Think the Duo is expensive? The Compex wireless version is over $1000!

*half naked Josh Bridges not included (not that we know of)


To make things more personal and support a local business, get in touch with the owner of whatever box your giftee goes to. See if you can secretly buy them personal training sessions or apparel. At CrossFit Kanna, we sell electronic gift certificates here for new or current members. Or get them a certificate from a local massage parlor – us CrossFitters can always use a good massage!

If you’re still not sure what to get that CrossFitter in your life, then get them a Rogue Fitness gift card and let them decide for themselves. They offer digital and real gift cards. We suggest Rogue because they have both gear and apparel.

If you want to add your own ideas to the list, just comment below! If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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