Freezer Meal Prep

It’s Wednesday evening. You’re just getting off work and yet you still haven’t figured out what you are making for dinner and you still have kids to run around to activities.⁠

It has become a recurring thing lately where you are finding yourself standing in front of the fridge with 30 minutes to spare before you are having to run out the door again and you have no clue what you’re making for dinner!⁠

Does this sound familiar to you?⁠

Believe us, we’ve been there and have come up with a solution for it….Freezer Meals.⁠

This way of freezer meals has changed our lives! Not only does it eliminate the guesswork of what we are going to make for dinner, but it allows us to stay within our grocery budget by taking out all those unnecessary stops at the grocery store!⁠

We will be doing a Freezer Meal Prep day on Sunday, Feb. 12th from 11 am to 1 pm.⁠

Come join Nutrition Coach Marla for an afternoon of great company and laughs all while being able to learn how quick and easy it is to batch prep eight family-friendly meals! Marla went to culinary school and has extensive experience in the culinary/nutrition world, so she is the perfect person to lead this!⁠

WHEN: Sunday, February 12, 2023⁠

WHERE: Kanna Fitness (300 Brookside Ave, Blg 19, Ambler, PA)

TIME: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm




  • Eight family-friendly freezer bag meals that serve 5-7 people
  • A printed copy of all recipes we will be prepping that day
  • We will do the shopping for you so no need to bring your own food. You’ll just bring your cutting board, knife, and cooler to transport your meals home

We are SUPER excited to do this since it’s so practical and helps with the daunting task of meal prepping. Plus, it’s more fun when we do it together!

If you are in, email us and we will get you signed up. (Remember, we’re capping this at 14 spots, so let us know ASAP)

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